Business partners

International Destination Strategies works together with  companies who operate on global markets and are experts in their work-field. IDS has been in contact with its partners for several years and is proud to present them as its business partners!

IDS and its business partners: Knowledge sharing and efficient cooperation for global projects!  

Buzz Travel Marketing India Private Limited

India’s dynamic travel representation company focusses on the representation of NTO’s (National Tourist Office). The company can be seen as a link between all different segements of the industry. Clients are the NTO’s of the Netherlands, Canada and Munich.

Conceptional develops, optimizes and guides Food & Beverage concepts from analysis to implementation. Yield and structure are central aspects of our approach. We help you develop concepts and formulas that more than justify the investment. We do this with a team of specialists who have broad experience in the foodservice industry.

Damstra Techniek B.V.

Damstra Techniek B.V. offers projectmanagement and maintenance support for themeparks and leisure projects since 1997. The company has been involved in several projects: creation of Six Flags Holland (rebranding, 30 new rides), project support for new rides in Germany, Dubai and Denmark and projectmanagement of Greek Mythology Casino in Macau.


Forrec is an entertainment design company . ” FORREC creates inspired entertainment designs for some of the world’s biggest brands, and award-winning landscape architecture . It’s the kind of work that’s built us an incredibly diverse portfolio – one that reflects over 30 years of keeping our clients happy. The only way to do that is with ideas that dazzle, projects that work and experienced leadership that keeps everything on track.”


Jora Vision

Jora Vision is a leading company in the European and Asian leisure industry. Our goal is to create breathtaking experiences, environments and attractions. We have a wide range of services in Design, Project Management and Production. This combination has made us a unique theme creator in the world. Our team consists of more than 90 creative employees who work together to design and realize spectacular projects for theme parks, zoos and recreational attractions/ destinations. Each employee has his or her own expertise, which we draw upon to create our exceptional environments.


M2 International Resort & Leisure Management & Consultancy B.V. (M2Leisure) was established in 2010 in the Netherlands. ” We have become a leading leisure development and consultancy company in the worldwide leisure and resort industry. Our goal is to create your great ideas together and to add value for all stakeholders, focused on leisure and hospitality development. As leisure and recreation consultants we have specific expertise in (indoor)water park development, family resort development and large scale leisure facilities.”

Niek Roozen

Niek Roozen has been working together with national and international design offices ever since the establishment of Niek Roozen bv landscape architects. We determine the members of the various design teams based on the project’s needs and have a talented network of urban designers, architects, traffic specialists, civil engineers and water experts at our disposal.

Snow Biz

Unlimited Snow provides best solutions for all imaginable snow & ice leisure experiences with its creations and is known for its innovative and original concepts. Its snow-how is based on the experiences gained from many existing projects and continuous research and development.

Leisure Development Partners
Leisure Development Partners (LDP) is a leading consulting practice focused on leisure and entertainment real estate. LDP excels at market and economic testing for both new projects and existing operations, providing services to the development, investment and operations communities.


Vekoma Rides Manufacturing

Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a market leader in the amusement industry. Controlling and having the entire process in-house from (concept) design to engineering and manufacturing, of all types of coasters, such as family coasters, thrill and mega coasters and family attractions.